Friday, February 25, 2011

mini i-city

wassup chill cool everybody!
asslamualaikum....*that's more proper way..*
ummm...what i gonna write today is about............WHAT?
its nothing..just a little trip to the MINI I CITY...what?is there any i city at alor setar?
yess of course!alor setar is a modern city people..:))
ahahahha....its just a lol we when to the istana first..*why the hell did she go there?*
 wait....have you been there? the scenery there is BEAUTIFUL ...:DD joke!
ok then at about near to 11pm we went to the mini i city..then the photoshot begin..:)

thats all for today ....see u soon :))

Thursday, February 24, 2011

pump is great

assalamualaikum fellow...:D
how's your day?must be great right?
yay!hey what about the title?ok now i'm gonna tell u a lil bit bout my favourite....
what is it?what is she mumbling about? LOL = ='
ok chill... now i'm going forward to the subject..pump!
pump means :

Pumps, in their most classic form, are lightweight, strapless shoes with closed backs. Generally speaking, pumps have a seamless front upper that is cut closer to the toes than the top of the foot. They need no fastening or lacing, as the foot can be slipped into them easily, although some styles have buckles or laces as a design feature, rather than a necessity. Pumps can have any heels of any height. 

ok now..understand?(lol what the hell is she talking about..everyone know what pump is)
yeah thats true..but SOMEBODY in the world dunno what pump is right?
i really really really love pump!
hey girls..u should try wearing it...i'm sure u will look gorgeous + fab + glamorous + a diva look alike!
i'm annoying right?i knowwwwwwwwwwwww it since im a baby! :DD
ok stop!
i wanna show u the look of  PUMP!yay....cheers for me :))

doesnt they beutiful? o m jayyy! 
i'm falling in LOVE with PUMP :))
ok then..thats for today...bye2!

life is tough...

long time no write...:D
i miss this blog..but what to do i have test to go through..
yeah this is my first test for my upper form year..
its reallyreallyreally annoying!
arggghhhhh...teacher and parents we're sorry if there will be F in our results...mianhae...T_T
its only the first test right?
can i say i hate test and exam..*exam the most*
well....leave it behind ok..what had past let it past...:D
life must go on!!!!
we'll do better in the coming test!!!
fighting !! :))

Saturday, February 5, 2011

aiyakkkkk = ='

pak aman ade seorang anak....
namanye besah....anaknye ini suke sangat bercakap di telefon.....
bukan setakat 15 minit..tapp berjam2 lamenye.....
kalau degan boyfriend die si meon 2 8 jam tak berhenti2 bercakap...
nak di jadikan cerita....
pade suatu hari.....
telefon berbunyi kring3...ku angkat ku dengar suara.....

pak aman: besah!!!!!!!angkat tepon 2....
Besah: baik pak....
setelah 4 jam kemudian....
Pak aman: ek sekejap plak ko ckap hari ni besah....meon ade kerja ke..???

Besah: bkan meon yang tepon pak....
Pak aman: habis siapa??
besah: tak tahu, orang salah nombor...........


Friday, February 4, 2011

get well grandma :D

assalamualaikum everybody...
its been a long time since i wrote the last entry...ahahahaha~
This all caused by a lot of school work..LOL = ='
 now it comes to end of my very-not feel-like-a-holiday time...huh~
 why are we given a lot of work?? why WHY ?
maybe the teachers  want us to be real student...hahahha :DD 
anyways...i'm here to write bout my very cute and lovely grandma that admitted to the hospital because of heart attack....poor grandma..she cant barely speak well cause her chest feel sick...:'(
 but two days in CCU makes her feel better...[nurses still take care of grandma carefully...]
i think in about several days she will be fine..lets together we pray for grandma's health...amin...:)

 grandma is HERE...

all family members are waiting patiently outside the ccu..

grandma! get well soon..